Doctor Steven Hulse


Dr. Steven Hulse is a Southeast Idaho native who grew up in Mud Lake, Idaho. He is into sports and the outdoors. While in High School and his Undergraduate education, he learned how important it is to be aligned and functioning at his highest level. This allowed him to excel in education and sports. He graduated in the top of his class with focuses in Sports Chiropractic, Pediatric and Perinatal Chiropractic care.

Dr. Hulse has been a chiropractor in the Blackfoot area for about a year. He did a preceptorship for a year in Idaho Falls and then purchased Advanced Integrated Medical Center in Blackfoot, Idaho after working with Dr. Stevens. He studied at Brigham Young University-Idaho and earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and another bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine at the University of Idaho. Dr. Hulse later moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where he earned his doctorate degree at Life West.

While in California, he pursued further education in Pediatrics, Pregnancy, as well as Sports Chiropractic and is working to be certified with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). That certification makes him one of the only Pediatric and Pregnancy certified chiropractors in all of Eastern Idaho. The sports aspect of his degree has proven to be essential when working with all kinds of children, adults, and athletes which brings about a new approach to adjusting the body.

While deciding on his future career, he visited different schools and spoke with various Chiropractors to help him make his decision. Ultimately, he decided that being a chiropractor was the path he wanted to take so that he could better serve those around him.

Dr. Hulse’s favorite aspect of his career is having the ability to interact with all kinds of people. This allows him to be able to see people for who they really are, while also being able to take care of their health concerns. He enjoys being himself, because he likes to have a good time, yet he is professional with his patients while being casual at the same time. He wants everyone to see that he is human and likes to have fun, but truly cares about getting results they want to see. 

He truly cares about people and wants the best for them. He gives his full attention to detail and listens to address their concerns. While doing this, he will guide his patients in deciding the best course of action to get back their quality of life. This includes a better range of motion through their spine, connecting their nervous system and body for that brain body connection, and ultimately achieving a pain free life. Dr. Hulse desires to help his patients perform their best and accomplishing personal and team goals. 


Dr. Dee Stevens

Dee Scott Stevens, DC, has been providing chiropractic care for nearly 30 years and has throughout his career treated many professional athletes, including Olympians, boxers, and football players. At Advanced Integrated Medical Center in Blackfoot, Idaho, Dr. Stevens is known for providing tender, loving care to all of his patients. He is an excellent listener and takes all of his patients’ concerns into consideration when formulating a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dr. Stevens uses many techniques to improve patient health, including activator and diversified. He is also trained in the Palmer and Thompson technique.
Dr. Stevens received his Bachelor of Science in human biology and his doctor of chiropractic degree from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic at Southern California University of Health Sciences in Whittier, California. He is a board-certified chiropractor, with specializations in pediatric, maternity, and sports-injury chiropractic care and is licensed to practice in the states of California, Idaho, and Utah.

Throughout his extensive career, Dr. Stevens has been recognized for many of his achievements. During his academic years, Dr. Stevens received the American Chiropractic Association Outstanding Senior award and recognition as one of the Outstanding Young Men of America. More recently, he received the Eagle Award, Hawk Award, and Top Flight Award from Advanced Management of Chiropractors.

Dr. Stevens is also the co-author of “Prospering in an OPL Environment,” which covers business prospects in optimum-performance living and is aimed at helping other medical providers find more creative solutions to health problems, while at the same time developing stronger connections with patients.

When he’s not at the office, Dr. Stevens is spending time with his family, which includes his wife, children, and grandchildren. Both he and his wife are also very devoted to their faith and serve in many capacities and callings at their church.

Brittney Wright

Office Manager

We are pleased that Brittney Wright is our Office Manager. She is a great asset to our office because of her Interpersonal skills and her experience in working in other medical offices.

She is a local girl and graduated from Snake River High School. She went to the College of Southern Idaho where she received her Surgical Technology Certification. She worked at Parkway Surgical Center for 12 years and spent 18 months at Bingham Memorial Hospital.
She has worked in our office for almost a year. She reports: “I have five children and an amazing husband. I am very excited for this opportunity to work with the doctors, the staff and patients at “Advanced Integrated Medical Center. I gain great satisfaction to see patients that have lost hope to become pain free and to gain a positive outlook on life again.

Brittney Wright